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Hostname FQDN IP Address MAC Forwarded Ports Jail on Host Short description Responsible Status
Scimitar Host for the Jails Spock, Minecraft Martin Online
Diamond Currently unused Offline
Factorio 00:04:23:C4:8C:F4 Gameserver for Factorio (see Martin Online
Sunny Poolnotebook with RobotLoader to write/edit Programs for RP6 Robot, will be fixed soon Martin UNKWN
fcsw-conf Poolnotebook with Windows 7 and Java 6 to configure fcsw-01 (This entry will be updated) Martin UNKWN
Media 00:1A:A0:65:09:51 MPD with rompr-webfrontend Burns usually Online
Storage 00:19:BB:2F:75:9A Host for the Jails Minecraft, DB, Klaud, Mumble, MX, Jabber, Friendica, Gitlab Alex Online
Minecraft 00:22:64:99:F7:00 25565 Scimitar Host für Minecraftserver, aktuelle Version, Vanilla, Plugins Kevin Online
DB 00:19:BB:2F:75:9A Storage Database Server Burns, Msaalfrank Online
Klaud 00:19:BB:2F:75:9A 443 Storage Hosts an Owncloud instance ? Online
Mumble 00:19:BB:2F:75:9A 64738 Storage Hosts a Murmur (Mumble Server) instance Alex Online
MX 00:19:BB:2F:75:9A 25, 8025 Storage Mailman Burns, Msaalfrank Online
Jabber 00:19:BB:2F:75:9A Storage Hosts a Prosody (Jabber Server) instance Martin Burns Online
Friendica Storage Hosts a Friendica (see instance, not working jet Martin Burns Online
Spock ##Currently Down, requires further examination## ##Currently Down, requires further examination## ##Currently Down, requires further examination## 25566 ##Rule disabled / modified for Spockerino ## Scimitar Gameserver for Minecraft Modpack "Sky" ##Currently Down## Damarx Offline
Ftp 21 Scimitar FTP-Server for images uploaded by cams @rathaus schoeneck Martin Online
oneclick 00:04:23:C4:D7:A4 27015, 26900 Gameserver for Counterstrike 1.6 (also cracked versions) Damarx Online
quake 00:19:BB:2F:75:9A #noch nix Storage Gameserver for Quake Damarx Online
Gitlab 00:19:BB:2F:75:9A Storage Hosts a Gitlab Server Martin Burns Online
Spockerino 25566 Storage Gameserver for Minecraft Vanilla 1.12.2 Damarx Online
Web 00:19:BB:2F:75:9A Storage Will work as reverse-proxy with name-based vhosts (TODO) Martin Online
MC 00:50:56:BD:58:F3 externally hosted Minecraft server for Lerncamp - please do NOT connect or change anything without asking Martin Online
Presence Scimitar Hosts the presence tool Martin Online
Saltstack 00:19:BB:2F:75:9A Storage Saltstack-Master Martin Online
Storage01 00:1B:21:23:98:CF Server for Hosting VMs Online
Storage02 00:1B:21:23:99:A3 Server for Hosting VMs Online
Storage03 00:1B:21:23:9D:73 Server for Hosting VMs Online
SX80-01 00:C0:FF:D5:27:6D Diskshelf Online
fcsw-01 00:05:1E:0B:BA:61 FC-Switch Online
irmc01 00:19:99:3D:7E:1C IRMC storage01 Online
irmc02 00:19:99:3D:AC:61 IRMC storage02 Online
irmc03 00:19:99:3D:7A:F8 IRMC storage03 Online
irc 00:19:BB:2F:75:9A 6667, 6697, 6900 Storage UnrealIRCd Server Damarx Online
ldap Scimitar LDAP Server
Work in progress.
Kevin Online
Incognito Hosts a pfsense Firewall Alex Online
PIR Sensor MSaalfrank UNKWN