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== News ==
== News ==
We are in the media from now on!<br>
30.04.2015: New article in the "Vogtlandanzeiger" print edition.
All about our public relations you can find now on the following page:<br>
Whole article under [http://www.hateotu.de/index.php?title=Public_relations#2015-04-21_Vogtlandanzeiger Public_relations#2015-04-21_Vogtlandanzeiger]
[http://www.hateotu.de/index.php?title=Public_relations http://www.hateotu.de/index.php?title=Public_relations]
There are pictures of us<br>
There are pictures of us<br>

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Welcome to the Hackspace at the end of the Universe

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30.04.2015: New article in the "Vogtlandanzeiger" print edition. Whole article under Public_relations#2015-04-21_Vogtlandanzeiger

There are pictures of us
More pictures under http://www.hateotu.de/index.php?title=Media


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