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|LDAP Server
|LDAP Server<br>Work in progress.

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Hostname FQDN IP Address Forwarded Ports Jail on Host Short description Responsible Status
Scimitar scimitar.hateotu.de Host for the Jails Spock, Minecraft Martin Online
Diamond diamond.hateotu.de Currently unused Offline
Factorio factorio.hateotu.de Gameserver for Factorio (see https://factorio.hateotu.de/) Martin Online
Sunny sunny.hateotu.de Poolnotebook with RobotLoader to write/edit Programs for RP6 Robot, will be fixed soon Martin UNKWN
fcsw-conf fcsw-conf.hateotu.de Poolnotebook with Windows 7 and Java 6 to configure fcsw-01 (This entry will be updated) Martin UNKWN
Media media.hateotu.de MPD with rompr-webfrontend Burns usually Online
Storage storage.hateotu.de Host for the Jails Minecraft, DB, Klaud, Mumble, MX, Jabber, Friendica, Gitlab Alex Online
Minecraft minecraft.hateotu.de 25565 Scimitar Host für Minecraftserver, aktuelle Version, Vanilla, Plugins Kevin Online
DB db.hateotu.de Storage Database Server Burns, Msaalfrank Online
Klaud klaud.hateotu.de 443 Storage Hosts an Owncloud instance Carwe Online
Mumble mumble.hateotu.de 64738 Storage Hosts a Murmur (Mumble Server) instance Alex Online
MX mx.hateotu.de 25, 8025 Storage Mailman Burns, Msaalfrank Online
Jabber jabber.hateotu.de Storage Hosts a Prosody (Jabber Server) instance Martin Burns Online
Friendica friendica.hateotu.de Storage Hosts a Friendica (see http://friendica.com/) instance, not working jet Martin Burns Online
Spock ##Currently Down, requires further examination## spock.hateotu.de ##Currently Down, requires further examination## ##Currently Down, requires further examination## 25566 ##Rule disabled / modified for Spockerino ## Scimitar Gameserver for Minecraft Modpack "Sky" ##Currently Down## Damarx Offline
Ftp ftp.hateotu.de 21 Scimitar FTP-Server for images uploaded by cams @rathaus schoeneck Martin Online
oneclick oneclick.hateotu.de 22, 27015, 26900 Gameserver for Counterstrike 1.6 (also cracked versions) Damarx Online
quake quake.hateotu.de #noch nix Storage Gameserver for Quake Damarx Online
Gitlab gitlab.hateotu.de Storage Hosts a Gitlab Server Martin Burns Online
Spockerino spockerino.hateotu.de 25566 Storage Gameserver for Minecraft Vanilla 1.12.2 Damarx Online
Web web.hateotu.de Storage Will work as reverse-proxy with name-based vhosts (TODO) Martin Online
MC mc.hateotu.de externally hosted Minecraft server for Lerncamp - please do NOT connect or change anything without asking Martin Online
Presence presence.hateotu.de Scimitar Hosts the presence tool Martin Online
Saltstack saltstack.hateotu.de Storage Saltstack-Master Martin Online
Storage01 storage01.hateotu.de Server for Hosting VMs Online
Storage02 storage02.hateotu.de Server for Hosting VMs Online
Storage03 storage03.hateotu.de Server for Hosting VMs Online
SX80-01 sx80-01.hateotu.de Diskshelf Online
fcsw-01 fcsw-01.hateotu.de FC-Switch Online
irmc01 irmc01.hateotu.de IRMC storage01 Online
irmc02 irmc02.hateotu.de IRMC storage02 Online
irmc03 irmc03.hateotu.de IRMC storage03 Online
irc irc.hateotu.de 22, 6667, 6697, 6900 Storage UnrealIRCd Server Damarx Online
ldap ldap.hateotu.de Scimitar LDAP Server
Work in progress.
Kevin Online
Incognito incognito.hateotu.de Hosts a pfsense Firewall Alex Online
PIR Sensor MSaalfrank UNKWN