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{| class="wikitable sortable" border="1"
{| class="wikitable sortable" border="1"
! Hostname !! FQDN !! IP Address !! class="wikitable sortable" | Forwarded Ports !! Jail on Host !! class="wikitable sortable" | Purpose of the Host
! Hostname !! FQDN !! IP Address !! class="wikitable unsortable" | Forwarded Ports !! Jail on Host !! class="wikitable unsortable" | Purpose of the Host

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Hostname FQDN IP Address Forwarded Ports Jail on Host Purpose of the Host
Scimitar scimitar.hateotu.de Host for the Jails Spock, Tekkit
Diamond diamond.hateotu.de
Cobblestone cobblestone.hateotu.de Host for the Jails Counterstrike and Sauerbraten
Factorio factorio.hateotu.de Gameserver for Factorio (see https://factorio.hateotu.de/)
Media media.hateotu.de
Storage storage.hateotu.de Host for the Jails Minecraft, DB, Klaud, Mumble, MX, Jabber, Friendica, Gitlab
Minecraft minecraft.hateotu.de 25565, 25566 Storage Gameserver for Minecraft, will be replaced by Spock
DB db.hateotu.de Storage Database Server
Klaud klaud.hateotu.de 443 Storage Hosts an Owncloud instance
Mumble mumble.hateotu.de 64738 Storage Hosts a Murmur (Mumble Server) instance
MX mx.hateotu.de 25 Storage
Jabber jabber.hateotu.de Storage Hosts a Prosody (Jabber Server) instance
Friendica friendica.hateotu.de Storage Hosts a Friendica (see http://friendica.com/) instance, not working jet
Spock spock.hateotu.de Scimitar Gameserver for Minecraft, not working jet
Tekkit tekkit.hateotu.de Scimitar Gameserver for Minecraft Tekkit, not working jet
Sauerbraten sauerbraten.hateotu.de 28785 Cobblestone Gameserver for Sauerbraten (see http://sauerbraten.org/)
Conterstrike counterstrike.hateotu.de Cobblestone Gameserver for Counterstrike
Gitlab gitlab.hateotu.de Storage Hosts a Gitlab Server
Incognito incognito.hateotu.de Hosts a pfsense Firewall